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Wolf Dog: How Far Would You Go to Save a Friend?

We are very excited to announce the launch of the Indie GoGo page for our newest client, Wolf Dog!

Wolf Dog is a narrative film based on the true story of New York’s oldest dog, Paco Sosa. As Paco’s life begins to come to a close, his owner, a New York Venture Capitalist named Bernadine,  begins to fear what her life will be without her friend of 20 years. Searching for ways to save Paco, and compelled by the wolf that haunts her dreams, Bernadine take  Paco back to her home town in New Mexico, where she confronts the family and friends she left behind and consults the ancientos of New Mexico for advise.

The film shows the power of friendship between dogs and their owners and, the strength those relationships give us.  When finished, Wolf Dog will be used to raise awareness and funds for various animal organizations.

Music for the film was donated byU2, Moby and Grammy award-winning Robert Mirabel, and with an Emmy and Oscar nominated and winning team behind it, Wolf Dog is guaranteed to have dog lovers cheering. BUT first the film must get finished, and to do that the filmmakers are seeking donations online through Indie GoGo. The money raised will go to the sound mixing, color correcting, animation (8 minutes of the film has animated traditional Navajo stories) and campaign management.

Watch the video to learn more about the film, and please consider supporting Wolf Dog.