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Web is a thought-provoking, character-based, feature-length documentary film about the intersection of the Internet, interdependence, and personal connections. For 10 months, Director Michael Kleiman lived in small villages in the Andes Mountains and Amazon Jungle in Peru. While there, he lived with families and documented the villagers’ first experience with computers and the Internet via the One Laptop per Child program. As the children and their parents engage with communications technologies for the first time, the film is a deeply relevant consideration of the digital world we find ourselves in, the tremendous implications we are beginning to see all around us, and the changing definition of connection – both remote technological connection and face-to-face human connection.

In addition to this intimate story in Peru, the film will feature interviews with some of the leading minds in this space including:

Vint Cerf, “Father of the Internet” and Google VP
Jimmy Wales, Founder, Wikipedia
Nicholas Negroponte, Founder, One Laptop per Child
Robert Wright, NY Times Best-Selling Author of Nonzero
Clay Shirky, Acclaimed author of Here Comes Everybody & Cognitive Surplus
Richard Clarke, The nation’s first cybersecurity advisor to the President
Walter Bender, Co-Founder, One Laptop per Child & Founder, Sugar Labs


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