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The Holstee Manifesto

The Holstee Manifesto. Between Twitter, Tumblr, and the rest of the blogosphere, this has been posted over 60,000 times. Words to live by…

“Holstee began as a dream Mike, Dave and Fabian had to create a lifestyle for themselves – a lifestyle which reflects their manifesto. Holstee designs and curates with the hopes that each product and its inherent story inspires others to follow their dream. A closely knit community of fans has been growing around Holstee products, curated items, the music they listen to, and experiences they share.”

Check ‘em out:

Over and out,
- Tom

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  1. dave

    hey tom loving you work, and this blog… thanks for sharing the holstee love!

    best wishes from nyc!

    Apr 16, 2011 @ 5:01 pm

  2. Lev

    This is such a small world. Tom, good find, bud.

    Jul 25, 2011 @ 9:13 am