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Transparent & Accountable Government is a Human Right

As part of its Transparency & Accountability Program, the Results for Development Institute (R4D) teamed up with Righteous Pictures to produce a series of short films that document the work of three local non-governmental organizations in Uganda and India.  The goal is for the NGOs to utilize these advocacy films as tools for engagement — to educate their communities about their transparency and accountability work, to attract more community participation and to raise visibility on the issues facing each community.

The second film in the series entitled, “Addressing Teacher Absenteeism,” launched today and highlights the work of ANPPCAN, The African Network for the Prevention and Protection against Child Abuse and Neglect in Uganda.

Uganda made education a human right for its citizens. In one typical rural district of Uganda almost half of all teachers were absent on any given school day, denying children their right to an education. Instead of blaming teachers and shaming them for laziness, ANPPCAN looked to the children to experiment with a radical solution—training a few student leaders in each school to take attendance of everyone, including teachers.

Check out the video below about ANPPCAN’s student monitoring program, the second of our three-part video series on Transparency & Accountability Program participants.

To learn more visit about ANPPCAN’s monitoring program click here.

Stay tuned next week to learn about the work of another TAP participant that is bringing supply-chain issues to the attention of the Ugandan Government’s free medicines distribution service.

And, in case you missed it, read coverage from Mashable on the first video, about one group’s use of mobile phones to address health worker absenteeism.