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Gearing Up for World Refugee Day

On June 20th, the world will celebrate World Refugee Day—a day the UN has set aside to raise awareness and support for refugees worldwide. There are tens of millions of refugees scattered across the globe, living far from their homes and often separated from their families. These are people who have been forced to flee to escape widespread persecution or war; many are living in refugee camps in oppressive conditions, while others are wandering long distances, unprotected and alone.

The plight of refugees does not always occupy a large space in the public consciousness. But this June, it’s time to bring the issue out into the light. By working together to raise awareness, funds, and understanding, our communities can and will have an impact on millions.

In anticipation of World Refugee Day, Righteous Pictures is launching a new blog series. Our goal is to reach across the international activist community to highlight a number of different refugee stories. In the days leading up to June 20th, we’ll be discussing refugee resettlement and featuring several organizations doing important work. We’ll also share the powerful stories of certain refugees we’ve come to know.

We urge you to brainstorm ideas and suggestions for ways to get your community involved in WRD. The sky’s the limit, from having a bake sale to hosting a large-scale event. For example, in Montreal, the organization Doctors without Borders set up a mock refugee camp to “drive home the message about the plight of war refugees.”

Stay tuned over the next few weeks for more stories and information. This June, we challenge you to make a difference in the lives of refugees. Now go out there and make it happen!


Here are a few ways to get started:

▪ Join the Genocide Intervention Network and the Save Darfur Coalition on to meet up with refugees and activists who live in your community.

▪ Invite a former refugee to speak at your school, church, temple, or community center and share their experiences.


▪ Volunteer at a local refugee resettlement agency to help refugees who have recently arrived in the U.S.