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Bring “The Last Survivor” to Your Community

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The last year has been an exciting one. After close to three years of researching, filming, and editing, we were finally able to share The Last Survivor with the world. We were honored to participate in film festivals around the country and around the world and remain grateful to the audiences who came to our screenings, stayed after to speak with us, and have stayed in touch over the months since our paths have crossed.

It’s also been a frustrating year. At nearly every screening we attended, we were both moved and aggravated by the same inevitable question: “How can I share this film with my community?” We were moved of course by your interest in our work, but aggravated by our inability to give you an adequate response. “Soon,” was the go-to answer.

After a year spent assembling an all-star team dedicated to bringing the film to communities around the country in a meaningful way, we finally have our answer:

In recognition of Genocide Prevention Month, this April we will be launching a nationwide community screening campaign with the hope of bringing The Last Survivor to communities around the country to engage audiences in an evening of dialogue and, most importantly, action. Our vision is simple: local organizations, universities, high schools, and faith-based institutions can host screenings as a way of activating their community around this critical issue. After the film, audience members can participate in conversation to learn about and get involved in efforts launched by their neighbors, meet survivors and refugees who live in their neighborhoods, and begin to engage in a critical conversation about discrimination, hatred, and intolerance – the seeds of Genocide that we see in neighborhoods all around the world, including our own. We firmly believe in the power of local action to foster global change, so we want you to personalize your screening to make it resonate with your own community. And we’ll help you.

We two Michaels and the rest of the RP team will be traveling with the film to lead post-screening discussions, talk to audiences about the three year journey that was the making of The Last Survivor, and provide a set of actions we can all take to prevent genocide around the world. Jacqueline and Justin – two survivors profiled in the film – will also be available to accompany the film and speak about their experiences with genocide as well as the inspiring work they are currently engaged in.

Thank you so much for your continued interest in our work. Please, click here, to bring The Last Survivor to your community.

And don’t worry, we’ll be here to answer any questions you may have and walk you through the process if need be. We’re dedicated to making your screening as successful as possible.

We look forward to seeing you all soon,

Michael Pertnoy & Michael Kleiman, Directors, The Last Survivor