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Becoming Billionaires of Moments

By Renee Mylnaryk

The measure of your success is how many breathtaking moments you create that matter to the world.

Also, that statement is not actually true. Yet.

But it was my favorite insight gleaned from Lakshmi Pratury during last week’s Influencer Conference NYC.

For those of us in the realm of social good, the speakers on stage acknowledged: we craft clear, concise and actionable messages, then talk about success through output numbers and data. Meanwhile, Lakshmi suggested, the most successful influencers among us are “billionaires of moments”, not dollars raised, people served, or even behaviors changed. Because a lightening bolt moment usually precedes each of these eventual results. It might be my new single bottom line. Until more leaders readily recognize this, though, it can’t be collectively, publicly true.

This does sound grandiose; although in practice, when a social campaign or visual storytelling gets breathtaking, it can often be the exact opposite. What blows many of us away is the simple, the unexpected, and the highly specific.

Consider what happened back inside the Influencer Conference room when creative Jonathan Harris went up to speak. He moved to a cabin in Oregon last year and started a new ritual: take one photo each day, write a story about it, and post online before sleeping. After showing us photos of gentle, dying wildlife, he landed on this image (above).

“This one said: split up, but still close together,” Jonathan told us.

For one moment, the quiet crowd grew more silent.

Kind of…breathtaking.

Check out more photos here.

Renee Mylnaryk  joins Righteous Pictures after promoting educational equality as a Volunteer Coordinator at A former painter and publicist with a growing fascination in social enterprise, Renee realized her dual interest in visual storytelling and social change were perfectly merged in documentary film. She now enjoys hunting online for interesting contributions to the WEB film and campaign.